OSA Global, LLC A full service Security Guard and Investigation Company

OSA Global, LLC

A full service Security Guard and Investigation Company


New Castle, Pa


Bradenton, FL

Company Profile

OSA Global, LLC was created with a multitude of experience and expertise that is unparallel in the security industry today.

Bringing together the best trained, and experienced Management personnel to OSA Global, LLC has allowed us to service and maintain our client sites with exceptional results.

We know that our well trained, professional, and client friendly security personnel will achieve our mission here at OSA Global, LLC.

Our Management team has over 50 years in the Security and law Enforcement field and is available to our clients 24/7.


In December of 2009 OSA Global, LLC was created by Mr. Michael A. Orsini, who had previously grown 3 security companies to multimillion dollar status. OSA stands for Orsini Security Agency and is the last security company Mr. Orsini will create to be a leader in the security industry. Being the sole owner and operator, he has assembled a team of some of the best trained and diversified security management team in the industry today. Many of whom have extensive experience in providing premiere security services to the Housing industry, including the Housing Authority of the City of Pittsburgh. The OSA Global Management team’s many years of experience in the Private Security Industries makes OSA Global one of the broad-based, full-service companies on the Pittsburgh region. Mr. Orsini’s background in the Military, Law Enforcement and Security has served as his foundation for the Private Security Industry. OSA Global, LLC assists clients in nearly every industry proactively addressing their safety and security challenges. OSA Global’s Management Team has a combined 50 years plus experience that includes: Industrial Facilities, School’s (both public and private), Housing, Strikes, Large Venue Security, Hospital’s, K-9 Services, Investigations, G-20, Financial, Entertainment, Executive Protection and Special Response Teams.